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U.2 / NVMe

U.2 is applied for NVMe SSDs in 2,5" format. Initially, this interface was labeled as SFF-8639. In 2015 the SSD Form Factor Working Group (SFFWG) decided on the simpler name U.2 that also goes well with the established M.2 interface.
In the area of workplace PCs the U.2 interface is not even widely used at present. For conversion there are M.2 to U.2 adapters or PCIe to U.2 plug-in cards available. The converters have a SFF-8643 socket; for connection a suitable U.2 cable with SFF-8639 or SFF-8643 plug has to be used. In contrast to SATA Express, the U.2 interface makes use of additional pins that support the transport of four PCIe lanes.

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