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Delock Adapter HDMI A (M-M) - Haaks naar links

HDMI A - 1.3 - (M-M)

Delock Adapter HDMI A (M-M) - Haaks naar links - 65080
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Merk: Delock
Model: 65080
EAN Code: 4043619650804
Garantie: 24 Maanden
Meer Info: Website Fabrikant
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Categorie: HDMI A - 1.3 - (M-M)

This HDMI adapter by Delock enables you to lead the female port of your HDMI devices 90° leftwards and converts it into a male interface. Thus you can connect your device  without any problem and use of a cable to another free HDMI female port, in case that one is difficult to access.
• HDMI 1.3 male-male 19pin
• Male port 90° leftwards
• Connector: gold-plated
• Delock poly bag


[email protected]
WhatsApp - 040-2070120
Telegram - @HardwareWebwinkel

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