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Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless - P-400 Power Supply - 400 Watt

ATX Voedingen
400 - 499 Watt

  / [80+ Platinum - Modular]

Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless - P-400 Power Supply - 400 Watt - SS-400FL2Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless - P-400 Power Supply - 400 Watt - SS-400FL2Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless - P-400 Power Supply - 400 Watt - SS-400FL2
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Merk: Seasonic
Model: SS-400FL2
EAN Code: 4711173870822
Garantie: 36 Maanden
Meer Info: Website Fabrikant
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Voorraad Leverancier: Ja
Categorie: ATX Voedingen
400 - 499 Watt


Silence defines Seasonic Platinum Fanless power supplies. Taking advantage of the benefits derived from the 80PLUS® Platinum level of efficiency and the use of high-grade components, these fanless power supplies run cool and run silent, which is perfect for your Home Theater PC (HTPC) and other applications when you want your PC to be as silent as possible.

Featuring a patented design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM” and LLC/Full-bridge circuit topology new power supply units achieve over 90% efficiency in all operation modes starting from 20% load to 100%, which is approved by 80PLUS® Platinum certification. High efficiency and quality allows even short 20% overload which ensures that you can rely on your Seasonic Platinum Fanless PSU. With its state-of-the-art design Platinum Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency.

This high-quality product delivers the complete package, ultra-high efficiency and greatly improved dynamic response. Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless is tailored to satisfy the most demanding users who search for ultimate quiet solutions.


Technical characteristics

+3.3 V +5 V +12 V -12 V +5 Vsb Total power
20.0 20.0 33.0 0.5 2.5 400
100.0 396.0 6.0 12.5


Package Contents


  • Seasonic Platinum-400 FANLESS (SS-400FL2 F3)
  • Bag for PSU
  • 2-pocket bag for modular cables
  • Modular cables
  • 220 V power cord
  • Mounting screws
  • zip ties and velcro cable ties
  • Sticker
  • User manual



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